Air Conditioning

The importance of cleaning your airconditioner units and the dangers associated with unclean units:

Operating cooling systems use cool airflows which are made up of water droplets, these water droplets allow a damp and moist environment for bacteria and mould to grow, this is why it is crucial to have cooling air systems regularly cleaned and serviced, associated conditions which can be cause by cooling based units are legionnaires disease. This disease is a form of pneumonia cause by bacteria which thrive in wet damp environments associated with water systems. 

All our cleaning and servicing is done by following a comprehensive system of cleaning to ensure that the entire system is thoroughly treated to remove all bacteria, mould and dirt, these aircon systems include:

  • Servicing evaporator units
  • Servicing heating units
  • Split systems
  • Cleaning all ducts for both evaporating systems, as well as vents and filters
  • Servicing and cleaning of commercial dual heating/cooling systems
  • Window units
  • Cassette
  • Ceiling mounted air wellness product

 We do these services by:

  • Using quality A grade cleaning products to terminate and eliminate bacteria and moulds, as well as Anti-bacterial spray to inhibit bacterial growth, Tea-tree oil for long lasting deodorisation and sanitation of units.
  • The use of a high powered water jet gun to clean coils, and fan barrels for cooling systems.
  • High pressure air systems, reverse air systems accompanied by industrial vacuum suction are used to clean ducts for cooling and heating units